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Food Week November 3

Welcome to Food Week for November 3, 2023. I’m here to disabuse you of notions. Like it’s the farmers who make you turn back the clocks. Or that food prices keep going up. How about that retail theft is causing store closures. Or that there are only 5 basic flavors (6? 7?). Maybe that skinny guys don’t know about food. Or that fried rice is safe and baked beans are lame. Rock your world! Enjoy!


  • A good but not great jobs report, which is great, at least to the markets. Is the Fed done raising rates? An argument they should be.


  • Is Walmart really going to commit to regenerative food production? The cynic in me says no but I was dubious about organic and they made that shift.
  • Trader Joe’s the retailer is not the same thing as Trader Joe, a crypto exchange. The retailer wants you to know that.


  • Chains love franchising because it allows them to pass financial, legal and regulatory risk onto the franchisees. A new ruling this week by the National Labor Relations Board will make that harder.
  • To the surprise of no one who’s been to their restaurants, Panera is cutting costs before an IPO.
  • Eat at a private club and watch the Las Vegas Formula 1 race. World renowned chefs included. Only $11k!
  • Pizzeria Uno appears to stopped it’s long decline by converting hotel space. It is an interesting strategy: as a frequent traveler, I find myself in hotels with no or limited room service. Having a foodservice outlet with cromulent food is an option I’d appreciate.


  • John Oliver on the nastiness of the Chocolate supply chain. Of course, the industry is extremely consolidated and having only 3 main processors prevents competition.


  • Researchers arguing for a sixth basic flavor, one that identifies with ammonia!. We’ve written previously about the debate over kokumi.
  • The 50/50 martini. I’ll talk about it but only if you have a high quality vermouth.

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