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Food Week November 10, 2023

Welcome to Food Week November 10, 2023. Happy Diwali. Things aren’t always clear. If inflation has slowed why are prices still high? A grocer can partner with Amazon but will it help them make money? If people aren’t eating meals at meal time, is that an opportunity? Is it bad to have pickle juice already in the ketchup? And if Lucky Charms is gluten free, does that make it good for you? (Hint: no). Enjoy!



  • You don’t want your celiac messing with your diabetes. Lucky Charms marketing itself as gluten free.
  • Spartan Nash can’t make money because of it’s partnership with Amazon.
  • Kroger gets in the auction business, raffling off Pappy Van Winkle and other rare bourbons in Kentucky.


  • Famous – a Bourdain favorite and Beard award winner – and unique seafood spot Calumet Fisheries is closed for rodent issues.
  • Meal times, shmeal times. 10% of Americans no longer observant of traditional times. Chains try to address as there is smoothing benefit for them to attract off hours diners.
  • Turkey wins 7 Michelin stars mostly in the tourist region on the Aegean coast.


  • The next Farm Bill is very important, not just for the agriculture industry but to address climate change.
  • The salmon vacuum seems like a reach. But populations are plummeting and dams are preventing the spawn from reaching the ocean.
  • A story on how the gas industry promoted Julia Child’s use of the gas stove. Yes, the industry was self interested and, yes, they leaned into her use. But what the article misses is that until relatively recently, say after Julia Child was dead, there were only very poor alternatives to gas stove available.
  • Agricultural equipment has gotten increasingly smart and increasingly expensive. Some farmers have had to move to retro-fitting older equipment.


  • Kratom is a drink made from kava. Kava contains mitragynine which can be addictive and dangerous in large doses. Like in Kratom. But legislation protect processors not consumers.
  • Pickles already in the ketchup. Okay Heinz, I’m game.

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