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Food Week August 7

Welcome to Food Week August 7. Featuring lots of bad ideas: Raw unpasteurized milk. Eating roadkill. Cutting funding for urban farmers. Subscribing to Daily Harvest. Ordering extra large fries at Chick Fil-A. And maybe gas station barbecue. Enjoy.


  • Inflation on food (and many other things) has cooled considerably. In fact, if it wasn’t for housing, we could stop talking about inflation.
  • China’s economy is in the dumps and many are afraid it will starting dragging down the rest of the world.
  • The wheat harvest is beginning and while the world will set a record for production this year, getting it to those who need the most will be tricky.


  • I am beginning to think that wellness to an antonym to nutrition. Daily Harvest, a meal subscription service, has been making a lot of people sick, including 40 who had to have their gall bladder removed after consuming one of their meals. Shocking stuff, really
  • As noted above, most food prices are down but beef is messing everything up.
  • Does the energy drink Celsius contain Ozempic? No.
  • Is Anchor Brewing bankruptcy merely the first domino for craft beer makers?


  • Mocktail pricing employs the 11 Madison Park formula: take out the most expensive ingredient and then pretend that the price should remain the same.
  • Does Chick Fil-A give you the same amount of fries regardless of what size you order? An investigation.


  • Members of Congress are trying to get rid of support for urban farming. In an era of food deserts in many cities, this is horribly misguided.


  • 15 states in which it is legal to eat roadkill. Some may surprise you.
  • An Army base in Texas has struggled with food supply for months.

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