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Food Week August 14 -20, 2023

Welcome to Food Week August 14 – 20, 2023. Just a lot. Chick Fil-A and Aldi are winning. Avocados, hydration and regenerative agriculture remain hot. People in the past consumed Deviled Ham pancakes and, in the future, Eggo flavored liquor and I don’t know why. Learn about throwing your pizza dough and the difference between a CAO and a CAFO. And yes Virginia, there is such a thing as a two day hangover. Enjoy.



  • This is surprising. Aldi to acquire Winn Dixie stores. The discount grocer has always grown organically. This not only grows the company significantly, it helps them enter new markets.
  • The Liquid IV approach to hydration continues to grow.
  • Trader Joe’s says it will continue to check out customers while claiming its employees don’t check out customers.


  • Cows have gelatin and marshmallows have gelatin so ice cream with marshmallows have gelatin and so Baskin Robbins has marshmallow ice cream and some Hindus are upset.
  • Interested in a 3 day festival with Michelin chefs and rock stars? It’s $6750. Still interested?
  • It’s a bad sign when you don’t pay your workers. It must be really bad when your distributor sues you. But Boston Market has managed the feat.


  • Widespread food shortage in Nigeria.
  • Using micro-chips to ensure authenticity of parmesan.
  • A record volume of avocados sold to US by Mexico.
  • Lionfish are a problem in the Gulf. But we can eat our way out of it.


  • People with severe food allergies should carry epinephrine at all times. However there’s good news regarding peanut allergies, with a cancer drug showing promise as a treatment,
  • The paper of record takes on a serious issue for a change: Is the two day hangover a real things (yes).
  • it’s no mystery that people don’t make deviled ham pancakes, but I don’t understand why they ever did. Here are some other dishes that are not missed.

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