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Food Week July 31 – August 6, 2023.

Welcome to Food Week July 31. We have questions: will grocery prices actually begin to deflate? Are retailers really media companies? Are chewy and viscous cocktails a thing? Can dynamic pricing help move short shelf life food and avoid waste? And how can members of the US military suffer food insecurity? Some answers, more questions. Enjoy.


  • US added slightly fewer jobs for the week than expected which may be a sign that fed hikes are having their intended effect
  • Is there finally downward price pressure on brands from consumers? Kraft Heinz maybe the canary in the coal mine.
  • The US has experienced some of the lowest inflation among G7 countries:


  • The devastating emotional toll caused by farmers markets. I am kidding. The author may not be
  • As someone who is constantly annoyed by grazers in Costco, any change is welcome. I wonder to what extent heavy users of Costco even bother with samples. I can’t remember the last time I indulged.


  • 40% of diners less likely to return to restaurants that add a service fee.
  • At that same time, deposits, reservation charges and cancellation fees gain momentum especially at higher end restaurants.
  • A guy by the name of Frank Siragusa is really good at suing fast food chains for not performing to their advertised standards. Now he’s going after Taco Bell.


  • I thought plant based meat alternatives had plateaued. They are actually declining in sales.
  • It’s hot and so are watermelons. Even thought prices are up, demand remains strong. Extremely hot weather may induce more purchases.
  • The Salton Sea is shrinking and taking agriculture with it.


  • Food insecurity is common in the US military, which seems insane.

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