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Fresh flavors in an Ancient City

As a city that’s a couple of thousand years old or so, we thought it might be hard to find exceptional dining in Segovia. So we were delighted to come across, on a sharply sloping street, Asador Contemporeano David Guijarro. After an hour drive north from Madrid, we arrived hungry. So before we went to the Alcazar, the Cathedral and the breath-taking Roman Aqueduct, we went for lunch. (This describes our priorities well.) Frankly, it was chosen after cursory research but were blown away by the results.

Exceptional dining in Segovia

The funny thing about the video is, we were watching cheese being grated over the ox tail dumplings when this beautiful dish of beets arrived. The waiter is pouring in a beetroot and red miso marinade with green mustard emulsion. In the center is goat cheese ice cream and the contrast of the rich and earthy led to a dish that was both fresh and satisfying.

The dumplings were incredibly hearty with crunchy dough. They are here:

I also want to highlight the zucchini flowers stuffed with beef, cecina and cheese. As delicious as they were beautiful:

asador contemporaneo

Then there was dessert

Desserts: Segovian Punch cake, a house specialty (front). A cheese mille feuille. And the candle, made with white chocolate and filled violet yogurt cream, violet sugar and honeycomb.

I am not sure if I should say this but with wine this was around $100 for 3 of us. I highly recommend this experience and the experience of Segovia itself.

Link to the restaurant.


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