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Food Week June 27 – July 2, 2022

Welcome to Food Week. Regulatory uncertainty becomes an issue as the Supreme Court weakens regulatory agencies. Dollar Stores win in spite themselves; ghost kitchens still aren’t winning. More fun in Spain. Enjoy – we certainly are.


  • Supreme Court ruling may have profound effects on humane and food safety laws.
  • Trying to tame food inflation. Plus beer from sewage. (Not all links have to make sense.)


  • Sounds terrible at first but using DiGiorno crust – the croissant kind – to make ice cream cones might could work.
  • PETA arguing USDA cannot adequately claim regulation of humane raised animals, I don’t think they are reading the room…
  • Dollar Tree’s executive team just got blown up. Not printing money fast enough, I guess.
  • Shoppers who buy online as well as in store spend a lot more than those who only buy at bricks and mortar. They are also less loyal. This may be an insight but also align with demographics as older people just shop differently.
  • Tesco pushes back against Kraft Heinz price increases.


  • Popeye’s struggles with MSG issues; not exactly sure why this is a priority.
  • Doner Kebab gets serious about expansion plans in the US,


  • A general strike in Ecuador over fuel costs led to losses in produce exports of $85 million. The President of that company finally relented.
  • Wall Street Journal equates alt-proteins with the crypto bubble. Not a good sign.
  • Iowa Supreme Court lets stand immunity from nuisance suits against pig farms. Basically if a pig farm moves in next door, there’s nothing you can do about it.


  • Food you shouldn’t eat, with attention to drink garnishes. Most bars use sketchy garnishes so unless you see it come out of jar or see the tender cut the fruit, it should probably discarded after being served.
  • I like the concept of a Cardboard Plane but I think I’d make it with a high end rye like Whistle Pig.
  • Gout and food. Man, gout sucks but I didn’t know it used to kill people

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