From the Publishers

At fork pitch we’re striving to bring you the best in ingredients, with education and information on their use and help in sourcing them. Before our online marketplace launches we will be sharing industry information on our site. Our contributors and editors will be reviewing news and stories and creating content of our own. We have substantial experience in food production, distribution, marketing and have been involved with the consumer interface from both and retail and restaurant perspective.

Like many business plans, this one has been disrupted by the Corona virus. Compared to many, this is a minor setback but it disrupted our logistics as we set up our online marketplace. But rather than just wait, we have decided to tackle some of the issues that COVID is causing to the supply chains that we work with. Information on the food supply chain is fragmented, following along as we make sense of it all with our stories and content. We welcome feedback, will add a comments section soon and are open to outside contributions.

Our vision is to service both the consumer and restaurants but also support producers of the food and providers of content. We plan to expand our blog entries to include videos and podcasts. And, we look forward to being able to offer high quality items like shrimp, duck eggs and Wagyu beef when we launch our online marketplace soon.

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