Food Week October 20, 2023

Happy Friday and welcome to Food Week October 20, 2023. A mish mosh of many things this week with defies any theme. Insects as food, ground bones as a supplement and sleepy tomatoes. People are sure drinking a lot in restaurants but not if you are under 25. You can also find out when people will buy a store brand and when they will eat highly processed foods. And the video from John Oliver is well worth a watch. Enjoy!


  • Halal meat at center of Senatorial corruption case.


  • On the other hand, did you know that Coke was in the energy drink business? Well, apparently not a lot of other did either and now they are getting out.
  • A New Jersey ShopRite adds a hardware store.
  • And now Jelly Belly; Ferrara rolls up another company as candy industry consolidation continues.


  • Restaurants are having a very good 2023, thank you. and a lot of it is thanks to drinking.
  • Seed oils – canola, soybean, sunflower. et. al. – use huge amounts of water. Environmentally restaurants looking to switch to alternatives like algal, avocado, olive(?) and others.
  • Instagram the latest locus for scamming consumers, this time with restaurant offers.


  • For all you kids out there who want to be in produce, learn to watch your cash flow. A major produce supplier to Kroger and Walmart had its biggest year and then filed for bankruptcy.
  • A Finnish company is grinding meat bones into a fine powder as a nutritional supplement. Everything but the squeal.
  • If you question the Nebraska Governor on hog farms, he may not respond to you but he will attack your ethnicity;


  • Insects on menu in the future. And Tyson puts a feeler in the water on bugs.
  • Heliobacter pylori, the bacteria that causes ulcers, also causes cancer in some people.
  • The story of the Atholl Brose, the cocktail that subdued an army.
  • The inimitable John Oliver on food safety. The FDA has too much to do and nowhere near the resources to do it. Fully implementing and funding the Food Safety Modernization Act – now over 10 years old – would certainly help

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