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Food Week June 12 – 18, 2023

Welcome to Food Week June 12. Happy Father’s Day, Happy Juneteenth, Happy Pride Month. Prices falling but Fed unimpressed. Modelo becomes number one. Vertical farming and alt-proteins still struggling to reach profitability. An avocado that doesn’t turn black. A scary El Nino. And so much more. Enjoy!


  • Stock markets up and down, inflation steadily downward. But is it going down fast enough?
  • Inflation is a problem but concentration of wealth is an even bigger problem, argues this author.
  • El Nino arrives and with it comes climate (and food ) uncertainty.


  • Math is hard but apparently writing headlines is harder. Yes eggs dropped more than ever before. But they dropped from a level that was more that twice that of previous record highs. Eggs are still pretty expensive and I outta know.
  • Should bread be classified as a highly-processed food?
  • The Albertson’s/Kroger merger is still moving forward but they may have to divest in the Northwest, where the combined companies would own almost 60% of market share.
  • Lab grown meat will be called….Cell Cultivated. In this case, chicken. Per the USDA.
  • Modelo Especial passes Bud Light as most popular beer. Part of me says thisis temporary due to the very siily boycott. However Modelo is subjectively a better beer, so maybe the loss becomes permanent, based on taste.


  • Restaurant uses fake priest to get confessions out of workers.
  • LA’s Mexico oldest restaurant – El Cholo – turns 100.
  • Netflix and fill. Netflix experimenting with food delivery, bespoke to the movie.


  • Vertical farming has yet to find a way to make money and now investors are pulling out.
  • The ongoing collapse of the Turkish lira is rippling across the entire region, as competitors lower prices to keep up with the regions largest exporter of food.


  • You should replace your plastic cutting boards every couple of years. And you should just get rid of them altogether because they ruin your knives.
  • Smoking a whole chicken is not something I have done before but my interest is piqued.
  • A Quebecois pastry called the ‘Nun’s Fart.” It sounds good. I mean the pastry
  • An avocado that doesn’t turn black after you cut it?
  • Struggling with the idea of a cocktail that adds grape juice but here it is.

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