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Food Week March 13 – 19, 2023

Welcome to Food Week March 13 – 19, 2023. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all. Very busy week with lots of interesting stuff. (Also check out our trends temperature check from the Natural Product show.) Inflation is slowing down but food really is a problem . McDonald’s has a revolt on its hands, artificial sweeteners are everywhere, California’s humane animal laws and their constitutional consequences, learn about two coming food trends – Achar and al Pastor – and find out if you are a super-taster. Ad much more!


Inflation expectations falls to a 2 year low but consumers are still cranky. Is ‘Excusflation” keeping prices high? Of course brands and retailers are experiencing record profits. Of course.

The banks are going to be okay. Right? right?

It goes without saying but hooray for Coffee. It prevents diabetes and lowers body fat.


Premium beer and wine are leading the growth of alcohol. Alcohol has actually been one the categories least impacted by inflation, coming in at a little over 6% YOY.

SVB collapse impacted on start up brands. Some of these got the news on the floor of the NPEW show.

The USDA is tightening us “Made in the USA” claims.

Stealth artificial sweeteners in a variety of foods that you wouldn’t expect. They may save calories and make things sweeter but they play havoc on your gut health.

What happens when you mix ducks with chicks? Aldi finds out it’s nothing good. Now they have to face the music, even if they don’t play any.


The New York Times figures out that the best flat pizza is also in Chicago.

McDonald’s and their franchisees in a very unhappy marriage right now.

New York’s most exclusive whiskey bar, both in price and space, Beatbox.

Trivia bet potential. The site of the first KFC was… Salt Lake City

Chipotle rolls out Chicken al Pastor. Prediction: al Pastor – essentially Shawarma-like technique for cooking chicken or pork originating in Puebla – will be the next big flavor in fast food and snacking.

She sounds nice… Job posting for a restaurant in Palm Springs lets you know it doesn’t care about your problems.


The challenge to the California laws on animal confinement have potentially far reaching effects outside the world of food.

An emerging consensus on regulating the use of anti-microbials in poultry. An important part of this are the restrictions regarding the use of drugs used for human medicines.

World’s first Octopus farm sparks outrage.

More rain in California making life miserable. But is the Western drought over? Not really.

Another child labor investigation in meat plants. This one in Minnesota.


Find out if you are a super-taster with this test.

Achar is compound butter from the Indian subcontinent that uses several ingredients including fruits an spices with heat.

The winner of the gas stove wars will be induction. But when?

When candy was medicine. A shop in West Virginia is a museum of dubious health claims.

Why maybe that backyard chicken is not such a good idea.

Nothing new under the sun. A food influencer from the 1950s.

What makes salmon pink?

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