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Food Week November 14 – 20, 2022

Welcome to Food Week November 14 – 20, 2022. Lots of surprise this week with the FDA approval of lab grown meat, a lady freaking out about pink barbecue, the banning of alcohol from World Cup, the origins of crab rangoon and more. Plus a mini Turkey day tip-fest with info like how much turkey per person. Hint: less than one. Enjoy!


  • A lot great data suggesting inflation is moderating. Hopefully the Fed takes this into account.
  • For instance price for food commodities are heading down, leading the relaxation of inflation. However the price of diesel is preventing it from falling further.


  • A new suit by consumer groups claim that digital coupons are unfair to those who don’t shop with their phone.
  • Inflation is a worldwide phenomenon. In Britain it has led to an spike in grocery shoplifting.
  • With the lack of interest in alt-proteins, maybe it is time for cultivated meat to take the center stage. FDA approval puts lab-grown meat.
  • Target struggling, generally. But food is help propping it up.


  • No hooligan fuel? Qatar decides to ban alcohol at stadiums in a last minute decision.
  • Customer hostility at an all-time high for servers. But Point-of-Sale (POS) helping to drive more tipping.
  • Woman’s 911 call over pink barbecue has experts defending smoked meat.
  • Crab Rangoon, like many Chinese Restaurant dishes, is very much a development born in the Western Hemisphere. But what makes it unique is it was probably invented by the founder of Trade Vic’s.


  • The culture war in Nebraska over plant based meats. New Governor not just hostile to ‘meat’ and ‘milk’ labelling but to the existence of the products themselves.


  • Quiz from the New York Times: is a vegetable better for you raw or cooked? Won’t share my embarrassing score.
  • Having mouse in your wine bottle isn’t what it sounds like. It still isn’t good.

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