Food Week November 7 – 13, 2022

Welcome to Food Week November 7 -13, 2022. So much going on – election, stock market, twitter, crypto – it’s amazing we are able to compose ourselves to catch up on the world of food. And yet we persist. PFAs are seemingly everywhere. The big grocery merger is possibly in trouble. KFC is probably happy there is other news Enjoy.


Inflation slows. led by food.

As a result the markets have their best day in more than two years.

However new studies suggest that a reinfection – a second bout – with COVID leads to higher death and negative health outcomes, regardless of vax status. Damn.


Private Equity plan for Albertson’s/Kroger merger? Consolidate, refinance, take $4 billion for the effort.

Shake ‘N Bake moving to reusable packaging.

Listeria outbreak pervasive and ubiquitous. As a result the CDC tells pregnant women to stay away form all deli meats.

Get married at Aldi’s and get a gift card and a life time of …memories?


Combing a promotion with the anniversary of Kristallnacht not a good idea, as KFC learns

Sweetgreen to test fully automated restaurants.

Restaurant chain helps with affordable housing.


The evidence of the presence of PFAs (forever chemicals) keeps growing

A summary of the plateauing of alt-proteins. Beyond Meats problems only one of several troubling signs.

31 children found working in a meat packing plant.

Two years ago a shortage of containers was considered a cause of supply chain problems and inflation of transport costs. Now there’s too many containers.

Tropical storm Nicole means more trouble for Florida’s produce.


Ultra-processed foods as addictive as tobacco

More healthy cooked or raw? A quiz.

British egg thrower banned from concealed – or open – carry

Simple, wonderful pasta sauce from Marcella Hazan.

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