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Food Week June 20 – 26, 2022

Welcome to Food Week June 20 – 26. Kelloggs splitting up. Jack and Coke getting married. Clif Bars prints billions. Yountville prints Michelin Stars. Plus a melon selling for $130, people obsessed with organ meats and a rant about rice cooking. Enjoy!


  • People still quitting jobs at record rates. A main driver is work-from-home.
  • COVID vaccines likely saved 20 million lives
  • President calls for states to pause gas taxes. I can’t imagine he gets a lot of takers.


  • Couple from California make billions from sale of Clif bars.
  • Jack and Coke to launch. While this is a natural, I am surprised Coca Cola took the leap. This is contrary to the wholesome messaging they try to maintain. While, ya know, obesity, diabetes, etc.


  • Per capita, Yountville CA is the greatest restaurant town in the world
  • Food Week June 20 saw higher sales but lower traffic means consumers are accepting higher prices in restaurants for now. How long will it last, though?


  • Bio-availability of protein is variable. Chicken may be more easily absorbed than proteins from alternative meats.
  • Our trip to the Anton Martin market in Madrid. Markets like these shorten the food supply between producers and consumers.


  • Push in UK to add punitive to behavioral tax on salt.
  • More craziness from the limeys – badly titled article with bad advice about cooking rice. There is plenty of reason to boil rice and nothing here that gives a reason not to. Rules: Heat a tablespoon of oil on medium heat. Add half a tsp of oil and half tsp garlic. when garlic starts to brown, add water, 2 cups water to 1 rice. Turn up to high heat. When water boils, slowly add rice enough so water doesn’t stop boiling. When all the rice is in and the water is boiling, return to medium heat and wait 7 – 8 minutes. When the water falls below the top of the rice – it will start making holes – cover and turn the heat off. Leave it for 10 minutes and you’ll have perfect, fluffy rice.

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