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Food Week June 13 -19, 2022

Welcome to Food Week June 13. A slightly truncated version as we have traveled to Spain for the next few weeks and are just settling in. The good news is we will post our food adventures on an ongoing basis during our travels. Oh, and Happy Fathers Day. Enjoy!


  • Markets melt down and everyone is a poorer. But it is worse if you were in crypto.


  • A timeline of food consumption and buying through the pandemic
  • The House of Representatives takes a small step in trying to break beef industry consolidation.


  • A different – and frankly intriguing – approach to steak from Chicago’s El Che.
  • Food Inflation actually lower in restaurants than at home.


  • There is such a thing as sea grapes but this isn’t what they mean: because container delays, millions of pounds of Chilean grapes thrown into the ocean.
  • The US has a well regulated seafood industry. But it is a dumping ground for illegal imports. In this case eels, main ingredient in Unagi.


  • I first became aware of the difference between nitrates and nitrites when I was shipping product to Venezuela and the regulators there didn’t understand there was a difference. A review, complete with health benefits and risks.
  • A faster better cheaper way to make iced coffee? I have yet to try this Japanese method but one of my concerns would be the oily note that comes with pour-over. It would seem to be even more off putting for cold drink.

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