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Food Week June 6 -12, 2022


  • Another tough inflation report for May – fuel and transportation biggest culprits. Record gas prices, thought not record per barrel prices. Hmmm…
  • In another sign that the pandemic – or recognition of the pandemic – is over, the US will stop requiring a negative coronavirus test before entering the country.
  • 2 people rescued from a chocolate vat in Mars Inc. candy factory. This story begs for more information.


  • Further growth for dollar stores as consumers react to inflation, further concerns for food desserts.
  • The loosening supply chain leaves retailers with tons of stuff , which is another kind of problem. But could be gold for consumers.
  • General Mills is suddenly having trouble making safe cereal. First problem with Lucky Charms and now Cheerios.
  • Plant milk becoming dominant. There are already living children who will at some point be grossed out when they learn that milk once came from cows.


  • The first thing to go at McDonald’s when things get complicated are the healthy options.
  • The controversy over tipping will never end.
  • The winner of the best fast food milkshake is… Oberwiess. And your response is who? It’s a local to Chicago ice cream and diary store. So probably doesn’t belong on this list. So Steak and Shake, the number 2 gets the nod. Cause it is actually a fast food restaurant and while not national at least is in more than one metro.
  • White Castle has always taken care of its workers. They get recognition for it.
  • First Panera pick up and delivery only unit.


  • Related to the above, excess inventories for retailers may mean a lowering of freight rates.
  • A deep dive into the elements of global food shortages and inflation.
  • Late season hit of highly pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI): 2 million egg laying birds in Colorado. The outbreaks usually recede as migratory fowl pass to the north, so this is a bit of a surprise.


  • Great discussion about aging of steaks and aging of cows. Learned about vaca vieja . Heading to Spain this week so may indulge.
  • Of course everyone knows that banning peanuts from flights is just theater: 14-Year-Old has Anaphylaxis after another passenger refuses to stop eating Peanuts.
  • Carpano Antica vermouth has been around since 1786. I usually check to see if a bar has it before ordering a Manhattan or Negroni. A review of the category.
  • More data suggesting coffee drinking keeps you alive longer. Personally, I don’t know how I would live at all without it.


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