rolling with the punches podcast

Rolling with the Punches Podcast

Rolling with the Punches podcast: Cage-Free Expansions and More Impacting the Egg Market.

Laura Zinger hosts the latest Market Digest podcast. Egg market guru Brian Moscogiuri fills us in on 52-week highs in the egg product market. Foodservice recovery, Avian Influenza in Asia and the cage free movement’s impact are among the factors. Rolling with the Punches is the first Urner Barry Podcast on fork pitch.

We are delighted to have this partnership with Urner Barry. Urner Barry provides market information on the food industry related to red meatpoultry, egg and seafood.  Moreover, Urner Barry strives to be at the forefront of delivering market news, quotes and analysis. Urner Barry is dedicated to being a timely, accurate and unbiased business publisher specializing in the reporting of market news and quotations for ALL segments of the food industry, while relentlessly pursuing innovation for the benefit of our clients.

You can find the podcast by clicking on Microphone under the Urner Barry logo on the right. Subsequently, we hope you will join us for more Urner Barry podcasts! And check out fork pitch podcasts right below.

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