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Food Week September 25 – October 1, 2023

Welcome to Food Week September 25. Questions, questions. Will financial markets bounce back after the government shutdown is averted? Is the US on the road to being a net food importer? Is Florida orange juice in trouble? Can bacteria save us from the plastics? Is Target’s ‘urban crime’ crutch for poor performance real? All this and more. Enjoy!


  • Pointless government shutdown averted; Congressional clown show just warming up.
  • The world produces 380 million tons of plastic waste a year. Only 9% make sitit into recycling. So yes, plastic eating bacteria is something worth encouraging
  • Target closing stores in metro areas attributing crime. But are they really ? They are citing shrink numbers But shrink in general is only up slightly. Costco, others say it’s not a problem. And target is opening stores in the same metros. Hmmm.


  • Coca Cola’s Fairlife label has a dubious supplier, according to humane care groups.
  • Once valued at $3.5 billion, Blue Apron sells after market cap falls to just $35 million.
  • Combination of food inflation and the ending of COVID support programs was led to an escalation in food insecurity.


  • Darden Restaurants are a mystery with mid-tier doing well, fine dining struggling and new-acquisition Ruth’s Chris saving the day.


  • A replacement for palm oil. Would be a big win for forests and the environment generally
  • We never heard of etrog. It’s a hard-to find Calabrian fruit that Rabbis prize for celebrating the Sukkot holiday. That is why the site is called Gastro Obscura.


  • The really interesting guy who designed the nutrition label. Unfortunately, he had to die for me to learn about him.
  • Information about bitters, which are kind of an MSG for cocktails.

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