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Food Week August 21 – 27, 2023

Welcome to Food Week August 21 -27, 2023. Now with more wacky pictures. And interesting stories, too. Big grocer is watching. Everybody gets a Costco. Hidden allergens. PFAs. Consolidation everywhere you look. Hot dog stand trolling. Bacon Jesus. And more. Enjoy!


  • Real estate in the doldrums. Will 1% down payments help?
  • After years of stories about the inevitability of the dominance of China, and the political capital that comes with creating a bogeyman, lots of stories about its impending doom.


  • How much Walmart do you want in your life? The big retailers are betting billions on building omnichannel Retail Marketing Networks (RMN) to seamlessly connect all consumer digital and web experience to the in-store experience. This has obvious implications for search, privacy, competitors, consumer product and the store brand itself. Much more to come on this.
  • The last two states – Rhode Island and Maine – each get their first Costco.
  • I guess smacking your kids with an egg is fun but some are worried about toddlers. And salmonella.
  • Food deserts coming to rural areas? Consolidation threatens areas with loss of remaining one store. And many areas have no independents, thanks to Walmart.
  • Terrible, shocking news. Ginger Ale isn’t really good for you and doesn’t help you get better.


  • Subway acquired by owner of Dunkin’, Arby’s
  • Listeria Milkshakes from restaurant kill 3 in Washington.
  • Hanky panky with PPP loans at Maple & Ash uncovered by new investors.
  • The Weiner’s Circle – Chicago hot dog landmark – is trolling again:


  • Agricultural practices contributed significantly to the Lahaina fire.
  • There are many good arguments for reducing the scale of chicken and egg production. Stopping the spread of Avian Influenza isn’t one of them. Outdoor birds are exposed to the carriers of disease whereas indoor birds are not. But it doesn’t stop people from trying to make the case.
  • Riparian and aquatic plants and animals have long been collateral victims of pesticides. EPA finally addressing this but it’s tricky.


  • People find God in lots of places:

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