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Food Week July 24 – 30, 2023

Welcome to Food Week July 24 – 30, 2023. So many things to be concerned about this week. Influencers killing restaurants, salmonella outbreaks in milk and chicken, ticks that cause meat allergies, the downfall of Britain’s chip shops, maple flavored spam and mustard flavored Skittles. But Jibaritos will save us all. Enjoy


Fairly robust growth though I don’t know why the lede on this story says still high inflation. It continues to fall and is now below 3%. Nonetheless, the Fed raised interest rates another .25%

UPS strike averted thereby avoiding a disastrous economic impact.

A New York Times article about how everyone was wrong about the labor market. This goes double for the New York Times.


TikTok is the tip of the spear when it comes to misinformation about retailers and brands.

Mustard flavored Skittles and maple flavored spam. Dogs and cats, sleeping together…

Labelling your product ‘vegan’ deters new trial significantly.

It takes a special kind of privilege to only encounter the quarter-deposit grocery cart in 2023.


How social media influencers shake down restaurants.

The crazy, viral Grimace social media campaign from McDonald’s is a big success.

Strong margins for fast food chains.

Chick Fil-A joins trend of fast food restaurants without the restaurant. No more dining in.

The Wall Street Journal finally gets it: restaurants like tipping because it helps keep wages down.

Compound your mistakes: Subway offers sandwiches for life for someone to change their first name to Subway.

Top 500 restaurant chains. Key take away: growth coming form new units and price inflation


The EATS Act in Congress is an attempt to nullify the humane animal care laws states have passed.

India’s agriculture was considered a miracle in its ability to feed the billion plus people there. Climate change threatens that.

Mexico rejects Smithfield shipments because of presence of Clenbuterol, a ban substance used to accelerate growth. The Smithfield name used to be revered. It is now something very different.

There is little support for either farmers or families on Native American Reservations. Some are trying to change that in the new Farm Bill.

If anyone can get people to try lab-grown meat, it is Jose Andres. But maybe you want to try bio-printed meat instead.


Engineered by Vegans? Meat allergy caused by ticks.

Big outbreak of salmonella from drinking raw milk. Don’t drink raw milk. And a different strain in chicken also spreading around several states.

Are Britain’s Fish and Chips restaurants doomed?

It’s tomato sandwich season, a Southern tradition.

French toast based restaurant in Chicago. And Jibaritos!

Making ricotta cheese.

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