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Food Week May 8 -14, 2023

Welcome to Food Week May 8. Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mom’s out there. This Food Week, we have questions. Why don’t people eat beans? Are Ghost Kitchens dead? Is Burger King or is it even sick? Are bison gassy? What is Pimm’s Cup? Who invented walnut tacos and why? Enjoy!


Inflation moderating, employment strong but a sabotage by default looms over economy.

An argument that inflation is not serious.

More people are working and are happier about their jobs…


Grocery shopping is becoming choosing which monopoly you want to give your money.

Why don’t Americans eat beans? Healthier, full of protein, found in most cuisines yet…

Legislation would allow more direct to consumer meat sales.

Keto is a weird trend. Healthy snacking is ambiguous. Hain Celestial made a bet and took a bath with the acquisition of Parmacrisps.

Top Trader Joes’s snacks.


DoorDash drivers negotiating tips before delivery.

Is the shuttering of 400 Burger King units routine or something more? Franchise bankruptcies a concern.

Big Fast Food getting serious about packaging and waste.

Are Ghost Kitchens dead? Wendy’s appears to be giving up.

Alpine and agricultural, here’s what dining is like in Slovenia.


In a surprising if somewhat muddied decision, The Supreme Court upheld California’s ban on pork from crated pigs and eggs from caged hen, etc.

Canada is far ahead of the US in development of greenhouse agriculture. Here are some of the reasons why.

For decades, vegetable selection and hybridization has been driven by the needs of the growers. This is changing as the science is targeting consumer desires now.

Did the great bison herds produce as much as cattle today in the way of greenhouse gasses? A study.

Coca Cola doesn’t depend on patents but rather the trade secrets avenue for intellectual property protection. This doesn’t just apply to the drink formula. A story about someone who tried to steal proprietary packaging.


The role of vodka in the maintenance and corruption in the Putin regime.

Walnut taco meat? Intrigued, especially in light of the recent health claims surrounding walnuts.

The Pimm’s Cup is fantastic. We use Pimm’s in cocktails as a kind of anti-bitters.

People who literally overdose on caffeine. What happens with their addiction and what it does to the body.

An introduction to cocktail lingo for novices,

Remember that Seinfeld episode about eating poppy seeds and failing a drug test? Turns out it is true.

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