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Food Week April 24 – 30, 2023

Welcome to Food Week April 24. More higher prices for food, even as inflation in other sectors slows. Higher profits, hidden fees and climate change all contributing. Also, depression from French fries & vegetarianism, sesame allergies and Hepatitis from strawberries. Enjoy?


Good earnngs for companies lead to strong financial market performance

But is stagflation next?

As a frequent business traveler, these conspiracies about Denver’s Airport are… something


Aldi is serious about the liquor business.

Serious hepatitis A outbreak from frozen, organic strawberries.

Processed foods you shouldn’t avoid.

Mondelez, Hershey’s post crazy strong earnings. Consumers generally pissed at CPG brands.

All the ways that climate change impacts grocery prices.


Revenue is up but many restaurants are struggling to return to profitability.

Maybe it’s why it seems like their are additional fees all over restaurant checks? It’s probably because there are.

Open Table releases study about changing patterns for restaurants. Among them, later dining and more people going out on Wednesday or Thursday.

Starbuck’s to open 3500 ‘green stores’ with reduce carbon and waste.


FDA tightening standards on salmonella in consumer chicken products.

Can food waste be solved with discounting software?

Using natural dyes to improve the look of food.

The dynamic between off-shore windfarms and fisheries.

Introducing regenerative agriculture to consumers. Just in time for Earth Month.


French Fries linked to depression. And also ironically happiness. OTH a study that links vegetarianism and depression.

How to create a successful to-go cocktail business.

The change in laws regarding sesame allergies has led to products adding sesame to their labels instead of taking the time to address sesame contamination in production plants.

Browning butter can be tricky but a microwave can solve the problem.

In Sri Lanka, it’s not the ice cream man on wheels but rather the bakery man.

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