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Food Week February 6 – 12, 2023

Welcome to Food Week February 6. An early update with lots of governmental affairs. US fighting Mexico over glyphosate, the Fed inventing the lasagna index, the FDA stalling over CBD and the FDA all over Smucker’s for salmonella in peanut butter. All that and a lot more. Enjoy


  • You’ve heard of the Big Mac index? Well now there’s a Lasagna index. From the Fed official who wants to keep raising interest rates.
  • Eggs are falling rapidly at wholesale, less so for the consumer.


  • Get KFC with your Kroger. Would scale save grocery delivery services by mixing in fast food service as well? Takeoff Technologies thinks it will.
  • Even though commodity prices and the wholesale food index are both substantially down, brands are planning more price increases. Part of this is recovery from losses during COVID, part of this is increases in anticipation of inflation. But I can’t help but believe a lack of rigorous competition isn’t part of it.
  • The FDA kicks the can down the road on CBD in food and drink.
  • Cutting staff at Impossible Meats and calling it a voluntary retirement program feels a little sketchy.


  • It cost $1.4 to $2.5 million to open a McDonald’s. But that’s only the investment. Here are the other costs.


  • To paraphrase Mark Twain, ignorance and suspicion can fly halfway round the world before science can get put it’s shoes on. Lab-grown meat is fighting that uphill battle.
  • Using sorghum to help farms adapt to climate change.
  • Minor horror comparatively but the earthquake in Turkiye will disrupt food shipments in an area of the world already struggling.


  • The biggest mistakes made when people try to eat healthy.
  • Does moderate consumption of alcohol prevent dementia? Maybe. But it’s complicated.
  • Creator of the Peep has died.

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