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Food Week October 10 -16, 2022

Welcome to Food Week October 10. More food consolidation, this time with the retailers themselves. This week, we have the obvious – packaging bananas according to ripeness, the composition of black coffee and a high fiber diet causing gastric distress. And we have the less obvious – secret menus, the right way to stock your refrigerator and a billion missing crabs. Enjoy.


  • But maybe the Fed is going about this wrong way.
  • Just a reminder, we have the equivalent of a September 11 every 10 days in this country. But the pandemic is over


  • Tofurkey will no longer be able to use terms like burger and sausage if a ruling from a U.S. Court in Arkansas has its way.
  • Kroger (number 2 grocer) trying to buy Albertson’s (#4) as supermarkets consolidate further. A $24.6 billion deal . With Wal Mart and Costco, the top 3 would represent more than 50% of total market.
  • In Korea, some retailers pack bananas in sequential ripeness, which only makes sense:


  • Inflation helps Domino’s recover from the pandemic.
  • Latest Starbucks/barista/TikTok viral outrage is about the definition of black coffee.


  • Cattle and environment stuff:
    • Ranching and other farming not only causing de-forestation but contributing to extinctions.
    • Brazilian cattle farmers selling off animals early because of a lack of rainfall.
    • Google is starting to track carbon emissions in recipes and cattle industry isn’t happy with that.
  • 1.35 million cases of salmonella illness per year in US. The USDA wants to decrease that number.
  • Forecast for Florida oranges is a reduction of 33%.
  • A billion (an estimate) snow crabs have disappeared from the Bering Sea. Warm water to blame but high prices at least in the meantime.


  • You are doing it wrong: Martha Stewart tells you how to stock your fridge.
  • New diet – F factor – causing gastric distress and other ailments. Users suing becuase a high-fiber diet causing gas.

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