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Food Week May 9 -15, 2022

Welcome to Food Week May 9. A tough week for crypto, Coke and the English pound. Promotions just seem desperate these days, with silly uses, unlikely partnerships , secret menu and the occult. Olives are (practically) forever but maybe plastics aren’t. Enjoy.


  • The only thing wilder than the stock market indexes were crypto currencies. Both stabilized by weeks end.
  • Will the English pound drop below parity with the US dollar for the first time?
  • Remember ‘Nobody wants to work?’ Turns out those workers just got better jobs and places that didn’t pay just got stuck.


  • A patent is a public record. So for an entity like Coca Cola, trade secrets are a better option. Until they aren’t secret.
  • People go to Farmer’s Market’s for a lot of reasons but now they are becoming a lower cost alternative to supermarkets.
  • Can food delivery services solve the problem of food deserts? Probably not without subsidies.
  • It’s hard to generate interest for legacy brands. So wacky, cross-functional gimmicks like Oscar Mayer face masks and mac ‘n cheese ice cream are probably inevitable. Kraft Heinz leading the way.


  • If knowing secret menu items is important to you, you should probably get some more meaning in your life. QSR adding mystique to the bland. I mean, brand.
  • I thought DuoLingo was a language learning platform, not a restaurant operator. I was only half right.
  • What do Tarot, TikTok and McDonald’s have in common? No, not a lack of credibility. A cross-promotion.
  • Sysco and USF had very strong bounce backs in quarters.


  • A drop in demand because of the lock down of Shanghai leads to higher availability of containers. So transportation and rates fall.
  • More on the enzyme that can break down PET plastic (source of 12% of global waste) in days rather than months. The challenge now is to create recovery stream to capture used material.
  • Lastly, Pee-cycling. This seems a tough sell even if it is a good source of nutrients for crops.


  • It would be really cool to have some of Hadrian’s olives. Olive trees grow very slowly but the trees can live thousands oy years.
  • A big Food Week May 9 story was Baby Formula shortage is real and a problem but to put the blame on migrants is just silly.

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