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Food Week April 4 -11, 2022

Welcome to Food Week April 4 – 11, 2022. Everything is high. Eggs, gas, avocados. Everybody is a jerk. (Except you.) But at least the Jamaican kind of jerk is good for you. Everyone who drinks coffee will live longer. And who doesn’t love Chocolate bunnies? Nobody. Enjoy!


  • Gas prices are high, but only somewhat because of Russia. Suppliers limiting supply as they rake in profits.
  • The ‘Great Resignation’ was caused by… opportunity and economic growth, And it wasn’t even all that unusual.


  • Egg prices typically rise before Easter but this year Avian Influenza is making it much worse.
  • Amazon dives deeper into ‘Just Walk Out‘ checkout-free stores.
  • The fact that this story says on-line grocery purchases are between 7 -15% of sales tells me two things: First they really need better metrics; that’s a pretty big range. And, secondly, that it has grown substantially during COVID. But will it continue to grow and how fast?


  • $42 billion for restaurant revitalization fund. While COVID concerns have faded and sales are up. many restaurant are still struggling to turn a profit.
  • Creators of the new hit TV show Severance say they were inspired this Sizzler video from the 70s. It is … something.


  • Dominican Republic looks to fill in gap of avocado demand after imports form Michoacán are banned.
  • Maine lobster industry has an excellent track record for sustainability. But this is being challenged by the competing issues of whale protection and sustainable energy.


  • Speaking of jerks – Jamaican jerk is not only delicious, it is anti-inflammatory and gut healthy.
  • Is Noom really different? Does it really work? Maybe not.
  • And for Easter, who makes the best Chocolate Bunny? A test.

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