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Food Week March 14 – 20 , 2022

Food Week March 14 means happy spring! What a week for food, with St. Patrick’s Day (Corned Beef), St Joseph’s Day (Zeppole) and the Ides of March (Caesar Salad). While plant -based and home delivery, two trends every one was sure about, have flattened, regenerative ag is the new hot button. Enjoy!


  • Concerns about inflation, but rising interest rates bring concerns about recession.
  • Concerns as waste water finding increasing COVID in some places


  • The pandemic threw these meal delivery companies a life line. They still have not worked out a profitable model for a large enough audience. Meal-kit delivery companies flourished early in the pandemic, but are struggling now.
  • Without sustained inflation for decades, we don’t know how consumers will react. This is particularly difficult for producers of perishable foods.
  • Amazon Fresh is launching a line of plant based alt-proteins. Their timing is questionable (see below).
  • Coffee consumption highest in two decades.


  • Protests outside a NY restaurant that still requests proof of vaccination. At some point are they merely pro-COVID?
  • Denny’s is partnering with TikTok creators for new menu items. But what about people between 20 and 80?
  • The trends affecting restaurants are mostly about what damage from COID is permanent.


  • Between Ukraine and Russia, they normally consume 2 million boxes of bananas per week. For the short term this will cause a huge over supply, hurting prices for producers.
  • The entire world food system is threatened by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. For the short term this will cause a huge over supply.


  • What we found this week: Hendrick’s Neptunia Gin, from its Cabinet of Curiosities line. Featuring “coastal botanicals and a smooth citrus finish.” We’ve seen coastal ingredients in other gins, such as Gray Whale Gin.
  • Kumquats in your drinks. Relatedly, we have a little Panamanian Orange tree that produces delicious citrus we use the same way.

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