December 20

Food Week December 20 -26, 2021

Merry Christmas to all. Our fork pitch Christmas update has our weekly final assertion on the Kellogg’s strike (until next week), explanations about butter prices, port conditions and greenwashing, shorter menus, besieged Cheesecake Factories and rocks that look like food. Enjoy


  • Food Week December 20 had everybody getting what they wanted. Or at least wanted to buy: Christmas supply chain breakdown never materialized as retail inventories were 3% higher than last year.
  • The largest telescope ever – by a long shot – went into space. By a long shot.


  • Churn in the butter industry. (Sorry.) Short term changes caused by COVID and longer changes wrought by declining consumer consumption of milk has led to price volatility as manufacturers reallocate the supply. For now prices are going up. Long term the entire industry needs to be re-thought. Short shelf life milk is no longer a key source of nutrition for the public so the role of co-ops and government needs to be reassessed.
  • What ‘humanewashing’ is and how it works. This relates to the FTC, labeling and claims as much as anything else, allowing companies to mislead about their practices.
  • What food inflation looks like in France. The daily baguette has gotten pricey.


  • Menus are getting shorter. Chefs are cutting back on high end proteins, desserts, etc. because of labor shortages but also supply chain. It is not just commodities that are in short supply.
  • A Food Week December 20 highlight was outer-borough idiots in New York decided their constitutional right to eat at fast casual is being violated and started attacking Cheesecake Factories.
  • The speed with which Omicron spreads means entire restaurant staffs are getting infected overnight.
  • TikTok makes new partnership as it moves into trying to cash in on selling hamburgers (and other things) in the meat space.


  • A link to a full report on port congestion. While improving, particularly in US, there are nagging problems and those problems hit perishable goods hardest,
  • Like many other sectors, ingredient manufacturers saw a lot of mergers and acquisitions. Established players look to both expand offering and hedge bets on coming trends developed by innovators. Here is a rundown.


  • The biggest trends in cocktails in 2021. I would say the biggest thing was getting someone to prepare a drink for me.
  • Foods baked on Christmas have healing powers. Which is only logical. Sorry I didn;t brign this to your attention yesterday.
  • An entire art collection built on rocks that resemble foods.

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