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Food Week November 29 – December 5, 2021

Welcome to Food Week for November 29 – December 4. We’ve found arsenic in our herbs, beer in our Tiramisu, vodka in our whipped cream and you-don’t-want-to-know-what in casu marzu cheese. Very soon you may not find seeds in your berries, a seat in fast food restaurants, apples in Washington and bodegas in general. But for now, enjoy!


  • Food Week November 29 brought us confusion over the Omicron variant of COVID. It may or may not be more virulent and may or may not be more contagious.
  • But the financial markets have decided whatever uncertainty omicron is bringing, it’s bad news.


  • And just a pinch of arsenic. Deep dive into heavy metals in herbs and spices.
  • Health and wellness are the top concern for protein shoppers. This is probably one of the main drivers of interest in alternative sources.
  • Bodegas in New York are rightly worried about grocery delivery apps.
  • .Pricing porn? A video of grocery store prices in Alaska goes viral.


  • We are keeping an eye on QSR chains but with many, delivery and drive thru are now the main priorities. We think there is a secular trend away from customers entering the restaurant at all. Burger King announced a menu reduction just to make drive thru faster.
  • Even the elites deal with fruit flies; historic Harvard dining hall reopens after an infestation.
  • Just because you are operating a cloud kitchen dosen’t mean that you get to ignore the safety and sanitation laws down here on earth, as Reef is finding out.


  • The Pacific Northwest is the canary in the coalmine for climate change and agriculture. Apple production will have to change, just like everything else.
  • CRISPR technology can be used to amazing and important things. It can also be used to take seeds out of berries.


  • If the New York Times tells me it’s cookie season, I guess it is cookie season.
  • You should read about casu marzu just so you don’t accidentally order it. While we have eaten and even enjoyed insects, this is a bridge too far.
  • Normal brain: Chop Suey is Chinese.
  • Big brain: Chop Suey is not Chinese.
  • Galaxy brain: It’s complicated.

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