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Food Week September 6 -12, 2021

Happy weekend and welcome to Food Week September 6. High priced meat and high growth plant-based. Which cities are experiencing restaurant recovery and which aren’t. Why nutrition is always changing. And should you tiki? It’s all in there.


  • Food week September 6 finds the US is the worst country among the G7 for vaccination rates.
  • As a result, Biden has decided to up the ante.


  • Is it inflation or is it merely profit-taking? White House attacks meatpackers for “profiteering” on groceries. This is price-fixing, made possible by the lack of true competition.
  • At the same. a market basket analysis shows that Amazon is gunning for the traditional supermarket operations.


  • Did you know that Denny’s did a Hobbit based menu? That and some other fairly lazy marketing mash-ups.
  • The popular TIki bar Lost Lake re-opens without the TIki. Owner concerned about cultural appropriation and imperialist symbolism.


  • An agriculture aid program has so far mostly has benefited farm owners. Therefore the Biden Administration plans to distribute one-time $600 pandemic relief payments directly to U.S. meatpacking and farm workers.
  • One of the worst places to be in the pandemic was/is a meat plant. And the terrible conditions there had/have an impact on the community. Other people‚Äôs rotten jobs are bad for them. And for you.
  • There is a movement to regenerative farming that is gaining momentum. They seek to lessen the impacts of farming on the environment. However it is a complicated process and requires much less efficient land usage.


  • The difference between cultured and uncultured butter.
  • A big and ambitious article about nutrition science and its development. The science is a little over a hundred years old and still evolving.
  • And another long read from Mesirow about the financial status of entire food industry.

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