frozen drinks for food week july 5

Food Week July 5 – 11, 2021

Food week July 5 was a short one, at least work wise. This week we read about expiration dates and what they really mean, Dollar General’s success and Chipotle’s flub. we learned about exotic condiments and great blender drinks and we watched a new video from Chef Joe V. Enjoy!


  • Food week July 5 saw a strong economy but the Delta variant of Covid is worrisome.
  • Food industry pitches in after Surfside disaster.


  • The majority of expiration dates are based upon marketing concerns over sensory, usually visual, inputs. The food is not dangerous or bad – it’s just a little tired looking. The lie of “expired” food.
  • Dollar General will have more offerings and upgrades,,, and they are growing rapidly.
  • After lot of concern about inflation and the role of food, global prices are dropping.


  • COVID seems to have sped up automation in the fast food. The worker shortage may accelerate it further.
  • The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Chipotle tried to do a vaccination BOGO. it didn’t go so well.
  • Restaurant Revitalization Fund grants summed up. A mixed bag.
  • Famed Chicago institution Spiaggia closing its doors after landlord dispute.


  • The heat in the Northwest was terrible last week but the issue with fires during the drought is ongoing. This hits farm workers hard and the Washington Farm Bureau isn’t helping matters.
  • Trump Administration rules which sped up pork processing – and contributed to making the plants COVID super spreader sites – are being rolled back.


  • The ironic thing about hydroponics is that while it is water based, it uses far less water than traditional agriculture. This is increasingly important in many climates. But many traditional growers are pushing back hard against. it.
  • I am called the Great Blendini in some (very small) circles. Here has a list of soem very tempting frozen drinks,

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