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Food Week June 28 – July 3, 2021

Food Week June 28 brings us a Happy Independence Day. Our review of the world of food brought us hot weather, which is normal, in the Pacific Northwest, which is not. Amazon making money coming and going, which is usual, Buffalo Chicken thighs, which is new. And ancient Garum, which is probably inedible, at least for modern palates. Enjoy!


  • Food week June 28 saw economy, financial markets and unemployment all remain positive.
  • Variance in vaccination rates have become a regional phenomena.


  • When I think of Amazon Prime Day I think of appliances and other durable goods. But the e-tailer gets a 4X boost on CPG as well.
  • Speaking of Amazon, the behemoth is leveraging warrants into its partnerships with retailers. Therefore, if the stock goes up, Amazon gets to purchase it at a lower valuation.
  • While stores like Dollar General don’t create food deserts, their business platform has not typically supported perishable foods like produce. It is good to see this changing.
  • COVID created a wonderful lab experiment to test the viability of home meal kit schema. The return to ‘normal’ will determine their viability.


  • This is a trend that I hope gets some momentum. Thighs are by far the best part of the bird. Wingstop launches Thighstop, a virtual kitchen that serves fried chicken thighs.
  • It’s the app versus operations at Starbucks. 7 shots of espresso, 5 pumps of syrup sounds normal.
  • The SBA program of grants and loans to restaurants was not exactly well executed. It is closing down.
  • The dating app Bumble is opening a cafe. Okay


  • Food waste management used to mean throwing away anything that wasn’t aesthetically perfectly or at the height of freshness. But awareness of over waste becoming not only is socially conscious, it is a potential money-maker.
  • Food week for June 28 saw insane weather in Pacific Northwest threatens a host of crops. For instance, how do you pick cherries in 115 degrees?
  • While the supply chain is slowly fixing itself, there remains competition for space in certain sectors. For instance, plane cargo availability is still limited which makes it difficult for extremely perishable, high end produce.


  • The outrage by meat eaters over vegetarian meals is one of the snowflakiest things there is. I say that as a meat eater. The internet loses its collective mind over vegetarian steak.
  • Are we heading towards a dairy milk collapse? Production increasing while demand falls.
  • While I am sure that it is true directionally that the typical Southern diet is bad for you, any time you see ‘observational study’ you need to realize that the data is correlative and needs to be taken with a grain of salt.
  • Which of these 20 regional dishes have you tried? I was surprised that I have missed many of them, although some – like the Johnny Marzetti – have almost no appeal.

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