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The Week in Food, September 21- 27, 2020

Another week under your belt, which is now bigger because of your COVID bod. . Here are some of the stories and articles that piqued our interest. Among other things, wildfires are impacting many different sectors of the food economy; we learned about restaurant yurts; that there are ways to reduce greenhouse gasses from livestock and that you can die from eating too much licorice.


  • Markets up and down like a yo-yo.
  • The nation is in a housing boom. Or is it a bubble.
  • COVID beginning much predicted fall increase.
  • California fires come for the wineries. Weather conditions have improved, thankfully, and the fires, while not under control, slowed their spread considerably.

Retail and Consumer

  • CPG brands accused of working both sides of the street in plastic debate.
  • JP Morgan expressing doubts in Beyond Meat beyond COVID.
  • So you want to work in PR? How the humble tuna can became ammunition. Although probably not really.
  • Dogfish Head marketing beer as sustainable, addressing climate change.

Restaurants and Foodservice

  • Florida lifted restrictions on restaurants, and stopped most local restrictions, on dining even with increased spread of the virus.
  • Can Yurts and heat lamps save restaurants
  • We actually have had 4 straight months of modest restaurant growth.

Food Supply

  • It’s really hard to harvest crops when the air is full of smoke.
  • Tyson working with Nature Conservancy to develop sustainable beef at scale. A major source of greenhouse gasses, the Rodale Institute is developing a practical plan to sequester carbon.
  • Changing the breed of chicken make make the conditions less cruel.


  • Man dies from eating too much licorice. (I am not sure I trust this story because it keeps on calling it black licorice. All licorice is black . The red stuff isn’t licorice. Yes, this is a hill I am willing to die on.)
  • Food Movies

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