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The Week in Food, August 24 – 29, 2020

You made it through another one! Grab your beverage of choice and enjoy a fork pitch collection of articles and commentary on things of  interest in the food business. Among other things this week, we learned more about plant-based burger options on the market and are sharing  articles on how COVID 19 is impacting food products like Hormel and wildfire impact the important agricultural region of Salinas, California.


  • Unemployment keeps going up and so do indexes. I don’t know…

  • Colleges and Universities are opening… somewhat, for now, maybe. Imagine trying to plan food service in this environment.


  • If you can spell all the ingredients on the labels on Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat label, you get a PhD. They got called out this week by competitor called Lightlife, whose meat-replacement has ‘only’ 11 ingredients.

  • I cooked with Impossible Burger for the first time this week. It was whelming. I think the future is limited in the current format but for burgers, it’s just fine.

  • Bricks and mortar: Lidl believes that there is still is a future for grocery stores, expanding its US footprint.

Restaurants and Foodservice

  • In Seoul, a Starbuck’s customer passed COVID to 27 other customers. None of the workers got sick. They all wore masks.

Food Supply

  • The California wildfires are in new locations and now have affected agriculture the Salinas Valley.

  • Hormel and other food producers are still struggling with the impacts of COVID

  • Nobody eats more tomatoes than Americans, so many that much of the supply has to be imported. Mexico sends more than anyone else but there a potential trade war brewing.

  • Speaking of trade wars, Brazil has now asked for proof from China that Brazilian chicken wings carried COVID, There is little evidence that the virus survives on surfaces or food.


  • Anthony. from the Prince Spaghetti commercial died. My aunt used to tell me I looked like him.

  • Mukbang is a video genre that originated in Korea. It is video of people eating, just eating, often enormous amounts of food. The Chinese government, as part of an anti-food waste initiative. wants to ban it.

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