The Week in Food: August 10 -15, 2020

You made it through another one! I didn’t fall off any mountains! Grab your beverage of choice and enjoy a fork pitch collection of articles and commentary on things of  interest in the food business. Among other things this week, we linked to articles about changing shopping patterns, restaurants leaving Manhattan and tamarind.


Retail and Consumer

  • The line between bricks and mortar and on-line grocery continues to blur. Many shoppers mix channels regularly.
  • From heroes to zeroes: grocery workers are no longer lauded (and compensated) for their essential role.
  • Most consumers plan on stocking up if pandemic re-escalates. Hoarders gonna hoard.

Restaurants and Foodservice: 

Food supply:

  • There is no evidence that COVID can be passed along on food. But China is taking no chances.
  • One of the issues with lab-grown meat is how it will labelled.
  • A great new fungicide has been approved for use.  Not for organics, though


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