Food Week: July 20 – 26, 2020


  • Really low mortgage rates, really high unemployment.
  • 51 years ago, we sent a man to the moon. A trip to the moon sounds nice right about now.

Retail and Consumer

  • The wave of retailers requiring masks continues. Marketing-wise, the next logical  step is to turn necessity into virtue.
  • The largest urban vertical farming facility opening in Houston and bringing produce close to the consumer.
  • 55% of growth in food CPG came from products marketed as sustainable. They also commanded a 39% premium.
  • Really interesting article on on-line SNAP.  COVID sped implementation but only WalMart and Amazon are authorized.

Restaurants and Foodservice

  • A list of restaurant chains filing for bankruptcy.
  • Chipotle’s clientele ignored sequential outbreaks from food-borne illness. What’s a little COVID? (Sorry – WSJ subscription only)


  • Umami set the science of taste on it’s ear. Now is it Kokumi’s turn?


USDA Report on the continuing problems in Meat Processing Plants, including fire at huge Tyson plant

Click to access CattleandBeefPriceMarginReport.pdf

Rite Aid Expands COVID-19 Testing To 258 Total Locations

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