Food Week: July 13 – 18, 2020

Happy Friday! (It feels like everyday is Blursday. ) It’s going to be a hot weekend but it’s still a weekend.


  • Other than the fun-house mirror that is the stock market,  most everything – COVID, closings, retail sales,new unemployment – was bleak.
  • While most of the science is now saying that the virus doesn’t survive long on surfaces,  China has decided to ban shrimp imports from Ecuador, a COVID hotspot.
  • Similarly, Italians struggling with the rest of the EU.
  • Here is a running link to food plants that have closed or suspended operations because of the outbreak.

Retail and Consumer

  • The National Retail Federation issued a statement encouraging its members to adopt mask requirements for store entry. This week WalMart joined Target, CVS, Starbucks and Kroger, among others, in adopting the policy.
  • Supermarkets have been killing lately it but their long term future is a bit more cloudy.

Restaurants and Foodservice

  • 53% of restaurants that closed due to the pandemic closed for good.
  • Restaurant re-openings rudely reversed.
  • Here are a couple of links to articles on Ghost Kitchens. On one hand they are a momentary fix for restaurant operations unable to seat clients. The demand for culinary experiences has not abated and they help fill the bill.  However, they may have a permanent place in the dining landscape as a way of managing overhead costs, particularly for  new concepts and young chefs.


  • Eataly, after a decade, is still fascinating and still resists classification


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