Food Week: June 29 – July 4, 2020

Happy Friday


  • Employment rose by 4.8 million as many businesses re-opened in one form or another. However  the unemployment rate fell is still 11.1% .
  • EU tells Americans they aren’t welcome until they get COVID under control.


  • The omnichannel approach by supermarket chains is gathering steam. The retailers are trying to leverage existing supply chain and inventories  by expanding and perfecting pick up and delivery business. Although a wareroom sounds like a place you keep your werewolves.
  • Top rankings of the on-line grocery services.
  • 43% of shoppers may not go back to self serve food bars in grocery stores and they are cautious about counter-serve areas of stores too. This is form an Acosta study here. This is contrary to most indications that the virus does not transmit easily from surfaces or food. But there it is.
  • Safety is main driver of increased grocery purchasing, not lack of restaurant availability, according to the Food Marketing Institute.

Restaurants and Foodservice

  • Acosta  also tells us shoppers are waiting to dine out: 58% are Millennials, 70% are Gen X and 76% are Boomers. So re-opening is not the key: people have to have confidence they are safe.
  • From McKinsey and Company – Graphs demonstrating what the split was between foodservice and grocery $ before and now:

  • Many states are halting or altering their indoor dining plans.
  • When/while/if the bars are open, brown spirits are out-selling white spirits:


  • Coca-Cola is shutting down  Odwalla. The brand survived an E. coli outbreak but couldn’t survive consumer trends away from high-priced, high calorie beverages.

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